SRU: Six-week Six Nations is ‘retrograde step’

Mar 31, 2017

The Scottish Rugby Union has hit back at the Rugby Football Union’s wish to shorten the Six Nations to a six-week tournament.

RFU CEO Ian Ritchie said last week he would like to see a truncated championship — with one of the fallow weeks cut — but SRU CEO Mark Dodson believes that would be detrimental to player welfare.

With the new international calendar taking shape, the Six Nations looks set to keep its traditional slot but Dodson believes it would be a short-sighted move to change the structure of the tournament.

“My view is that seven to six weeks is a retrograde step and it’s a dangerous step as far as player welfare is concerned,” Dodson told BBC Scotland. “We’re going to look after our boys.

“Anybody who has just witnessed the intense physicality in this last Six Nations and wants to reduce that down to six weeks is taking a huge gamble with player safety.

“There will be discussion over the next month and we’re very clear of how we feel. I’d imagine other people will be equally clear and will share our views.”

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SRU: Six-week Six Nations is ‘retrograde step’

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