Wales want roof closed for Six Nations

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Wales want the Principality Stadium roof to be closed for all their home games in the Six Nations Championship.

And interim head coach Rob Howley hopes the advent of bonus points in this season’s tournament will provide a “nudge” for Six Nations chiefs.

Currently, both teams have to be in agreement for a roof closure, otherwise it remains open, but Howley believes a pursuit of best-possible playing conditions should be paramount.

Wales play Six Nations title holders England and Ireland, champions in 2014 and 2015, at home this term.

“I have asked the question, and believe it should be a closed stadium,” said Howley, who is in charge of Wales’ fortunes this season while Warren Gatland concentrates on British and Irish Lions business.

“You could have a scenario down the line when you played three home games that the away team need to win and we need to win with a bonus point. What are the best conditions?

“The higher echelons are, I hope, making a decision as we speak. Questions are being asked over the next week [about making it a closed stadium for the Six Nations], and I put it in the autumn when bonus points were coming in.

“We generally play in the autumn with the roof closed, and I made a mistake against Australia and kept it open because it was a fine day. I underestimated the occasion, and we did not have the best conditions for the team. We all make mistakes.

“The roof has to be closed [going forward] for the best conditions and the game to be played to the benefit of both teams. It has to be the best conditions for the game of rugby.

“Tries in the Six Nations are generally scored in March because weather dictates the games in early February.

“Rugby should be played in the best conditions, and if we are able to create that in the Principality Stadium, I would like to think those decisions will be made sooner or later. I hope bonus points provide a nudge.

“The roof being closed would give us the best conditions for the best rugby.”

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Wales want roof closed for Six Nations
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