Folau named as player who injured Cheika

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Israel Folau has been revealed as the player who collided with Australia coach Michael Cheika, damaging his shoulder.

Cheika reportedly attempted to field a high ball in training ahead of the Wallabies’ recent clash with New Zealand at Eden Park when he sustained the injury.

He was not present on the team flight to England on Friday, instead travelling a day later, and is expected to wear a sling throughout the autumn internationals.

The identity of the other party had been kept under wraps initially, but scrum-half Nick Frisby has given the game away.

In an interview streamed via rugby.com.au, Frisby said: “I’m happy to give it away.

“It obviously wasn’t me at 80 kilos. It was big Israel Folau. Came down on him on a high ball.

“I think Cheik’s lucky it wasn’t me, he probably would have done both shoulders.”

Frisby’s teammate Sean McMahon added: “Let’s be honest that’s what you get when Israel Folau’s coming down on you with a high ball, someone’s shoulder is probably going downhill.”

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Folau named as player who injured Cheika
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