Eddie Jones singing 'God Save the Queen' brings Australia to tears

Now I’ve seen everything. Eddie Jones singing ‘God Save the Queen.’ I can imagine all his old mates from Matraville High School, situated in one of the tougher parts of Sydney, almost wetting themselves watching him in the Murrayfield coach’s box mouthing an anthem that irritates countless Australians.

Maybe it just brought us all back to the days when we were toddlers, had gone to a movie matinee, and were forced to stand before the first reel for a syrupy orchestral version where we professed our allegiance to a faraway Queen.

Then again, Fast Eddie has taken the big bickies, and that clearly involves some sacrifices, which is probably why the longer the national anthem went, the more confident he became singing away with all his new England team colleagues, thrusting out his chest to proclaim: ‘happy and glorious.’

He defended himself pre-match by arguing that Australia had strong English links, and that all we are Down Under are ‘the convict side of the nice England gentlemen.’ Again we bent over in laughter. Comparing us to gentlemen, even if faintly, I don’t think so!

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